Our Promise, Our Values, Our Brand

Santhera is a young and dynamic international pharma company, developing and commercializing innovative treatments for rare diseases. Our vision is to improve the lives of people with rare diseases, by delivering therapeutic options where none previously existed.

Everything we do at Santhera, we do with respect. For the patients that inspire us with their courage, for the scientists at the cutting edge of therapeutic breakthroughs, for all our stakeholders in this important and rewarding enterprise, and for the partnerships with our colleagues.

is the cornerstone of Santhera’s aspirations to improve patients’ lives. Our focus is on individuals with rare diseases – small groups of patients often overlooked by the wider pharmaceutical industry. We feel strongly that all patients deserve the best care, regardless of the prevalence of their condition.

The area of rare diseases presents many challenges, and our mission to improve the lives of patients with rare diseases requires great resolve and dedication. Only by ensuring our ongoing commitment will we be able to overcome the challenge of bringing new therapies to market.

A core pillar that gives the other values cohesion and depth. By fostering a strong team spirit at Santhera, and by combining our efforts with trusted external partners – from clinicians to scientists to patient organizations – we can achieve success through collaboration.

Where passion gives us drive, accountability gives us direction. Our results-driven approach to research, development and commerce with integrity at its heart, ensures we will deliver benefits to all our stakeholders, including effective solutions for the patients affected by rare and devastating diseases.