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Raxone in LHON: Mode of Action

Raxone facilitates mitochondrial electron flux by bypassing the deficient complex I of the mitochondrial respiratory chain in LHON, and so restores cellular adenosine triphosphate (ATP) generation.1–5 As a result, it may reactivate viable-but-inactive retinal ganglion cells (RGCs).4,6,7 This, in turn, can promote recovery of vision in patients with LHON who experience vision loss.

Raxone also has potent antioxidant capacity, demonstrated by its ability to prevent lipid peroxidation and to protect against reactive oxygen species (ROS)-induced damage.5,8

An early diagnosis of LHON offers patients the best chance for the treatment of their condition in the long term.9 There is a window of opportunity for the optimal treatment of LHON when RGCs are still viable, meaning Raxone should be initiated as soon as possible to maximize treatment response.10,11

For an overview of Raxone´s Mode of Action in LHON, please click on the video below.

To download the Raxone Mode of Action video, please click here 



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